Close, open. 
Slow life linked to the environment also in the housing of the city.



The box is made into a gate shape in the north and south, further horizontally and vertically shifted into four gates, and these gates are united to form a house. It has a road and an east-west with a neighbor with privacy, crime prevention and sound insulation on the wall of the gate, open and continuous in the north and south. 

Although it is a simple structure, it creates diverse connections and realizes a house that is bright and expansive, incorporating trees and skies in the garden. Vertical and horizontal misalignment between the gates crosses the space in multiple layers, guides the light and wind, and the line of sight extends across the room. These give a comfortable space spread and create family connections.

Title of the work

House in Meguro

Site area

198.34 m2


Tokyo Meguro-ku

Building Area

118.25 m2

Main use

Private housing

Total Floor Area

169.50 m²

Scale / structure

RC construction 2 stories

Maximum Height

7.4 m