requests/ consultations...


Q. I'd like to talk to you, but what should I do?

 A.  First of all, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. 
We will respond as to whether the idea of he desired building is possible as long as you have simple request and budget. If you are requesting housing, please come to the office once (In the case of a remote location we will let you know). If it is a corporate request, we will contact the company and the store directly. I will explain the work introduction, work approach and flow of building making at the office booklet. (Since costs do not occur for the first time, please feel free to contact us)


Q. Is there something to prepare for consultation?

 A.  Please bring the materials of the land etc. if you have it. There are no other preparations in particular. 
Please tell us what you want to realize and what is regarded as important in building buildings. On that day, if it is a store, we will ask questions such as items of merchandise handled, budget, outline of the project etc., if it is a housing, current life and newly assumed life etc. It is a fun meeting place where images swell.


Q. Can you consider the drawing for review before officially requesting it?

 A.  I will tell you a story at the first interview and organize the policy of your request and create a presentation booklet. 
We will also prepare concepts, parts images, CG, drawings, and other booklets and models. We will have time of about 3 weeks. First of all, please expect from us the proposal power that we judge corporate and owner's requests exactly and embody it newly in the building. 
Expenses will not occur in the event of a contract thereafter. In the case of cancellation, we will consider the basic planned fee ¥ 100,000 - actual expense adjustment.


the site...

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Q. The site is not yet decided but can I consult with you?

 A.  Of course it is possible. 
We will advise from various perspectives such as location characteristics, relationship with surrounding facilities as seen from family composition, possibility of site, balance of budget. If there are several candidate sites, you can also compare which site is more advantageous for securing the building area and the total floor area of our desired housing from the building coverage and volume ratio of each site. We often see your site together.


Q. Can you cooperate from looking for land?

 A.  If your budget, desired area is noticeable to a certain extent, it is possible to receive discounts including examination of your budget for construction. 
In addition, you can search for land with the cooperation of the partner's landowner building dealer master and negotiate with a real estate agent.


Q. Can we construct even irregularly shaped areas, slopes, cheap land where construction is likely to be difficult due to budgetary reasons?

 A.  Abundant buildings are sufficiently possible even on sites that are less than 10 tsubo, called narrows, slopes and deformed areas. 
Because the site is distinctive, we will clarify priorities based on consideration of various plans to resolve regulation superiorly and pursuit of technical. 
However, construction may be difficult by law, so please consult us.


Q. Is it possible to make a request even in the distance?

 A.  I will accept any place. 
So far, I have work in Tokyo, Chiba, Karuizawa, Takasaki, Shizuoka, Mie, Shiga, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and Okinawa. In the case of a remote place (more than 100 km from the office), the actual travel expenses will be charged separately from the design supervision fee. 
(If you need accommodation at site management etc., the accommodation fee is also charged separately)


construction/ supervision?

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Q. What are the four merits that we ask architects?


  1. We will change constraints to creation
  2. We will provide original design only for customers
  3. Provide new value more than we can meetinvestment                                                                                     
  4. We will lead all involved to one person


Q. I am worried a little because the architect's house has a high image ...

 A.  We will proceed with the proposal and plan based on the owner's assumed budget. 
Based on the requests you desire on that basis, we will adjust the cost appropriately and create a building that can be impressed


Q. Can you design refurbishment and remodeling of stores?

 A.  Of course it is possible. 
Refurbishment will design buildings with various conditions regardless of usage, size, size and age. In store renewal renovation, we propose that you included branding. 
We will also respond positively to changes in the use of buildings.


Q. Please tell me the flow of building making.

 A. For first-time builders, the process is obscure. 
The owner first wants to know the process of house making and I would like to enjoy building houses together. For that purpose, we also explain the flow of design and construction, the necessary expenses etc. to the completion and the overall picture in advance so that it can be understood in advance. 
For details, please see the "Design flow" page.


Q. Are the structures and facilities to be adopted decided?

 A.  The structure will decide the optimum structural form with safety and economy according to the situation and requirements of the land and the shape of the building while negotiating with the constructor. 
In cooperation with the facility designer, the facility proposes a comfortable indoor environment equipment system that matches the space based on the request of the owner.


Q. Can the construction company introduce it?

 A.  Usually, we select about 2 to 3 construction companies with technological skills that we have worked on buildings from the architect, we ask them to estimate by design drawing, and finally select from among them You will be doing. 
If there is a construction company recommended by the customer, that company can also be used, however, it is necessary to be a contractor with a certain construction level.


Q. How long will it take from consultation to building completion?


 A. We will cooperate with our customers, we will spend a lot of time taking care of each and we will create unique houses and shops. 
For that reason we have a sufficient period of time. I would like to consider the plan by calculating backward by referring to the necessary period below. 
· From 6 months to 9 months
· Construction period (from construction contract to completion delivery): 6 months ~ 9 months Total: about 1 year ~ 1 year and a half (Housing is generally 1 year)


Q. What is the guarantee and after-sales service?

 A.  Regardless of whether or not the warranty is given, regardless of the terms of the contract, in the case of housing, parts related to the basic performance of houses are obliged to be guaranteed for 10 years by product validation. From October 2009, the housing defect warranties enforcement law is also enforced, and the installer is obliged to subscribe to defect warranty insurance. 
We will respond to problems, reworking, etc. after moving in at any time within the scope of responsibility of design supervisor / constructor.


fee criteria...

Q. How much is the design fee charged?

 A.  Depending on the size, structure, budget and other conditions of the building, 8% to 15% of the construction cost will be the design fee. When structural calculation is required by new construction / refurbishment, additional structural calculation expenses are required (about 2% of construction cost). However, please consult interior design separately. 
For details, please see "About design fee" page.


Q. How do I pay the design fee?

 A.  As a rule, it will be divided in 5 times and you will be charged. 
When design contract, basic design completion, implementation design completion, at the time of building building · building delivery. We will set the ratio according to business volume at each time. 
For details, please see "About design fee" page.


Q. Can you adjust the budget?

 A.  Of course. 
We will make proposals that maximize your request rationally and attractively, taking into account the budget. In addition to the construction cost, we will manage the total cost including the ground survey fee, the fee charge, application fee, various taxes, registration fee etc. as expenses incurred. Even during the on-site procurement, we manage unnecessary expense by managing increase and decrease of estimate every time additional request or design change is made.