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Ginza Central Street 4-chome It is a renewal of the gentleman's shop "Taya", a roadside shop of Ginza Mitsukoshi near the intersection. Taya's foundation was around 104 years ago when Ginza began to modernize as a brick road. So I proposed a façade that inherited the history of Ginza as a long-established brand. It is the world's first lacquer brick structure that lacquer is applied to a half glass block, illumination is applied from the back, and light is transmitted through the shade of the lacquer's candy color. This lacquer has high transparency with no pigment added, and furthermore uses foil under lacquer which gloss comes out with vegetable resin. Co-technicians have developed a technique to apply a special primer between glass and lacquer to prevent lacquer from peeling off (patent right). The lacquer brick facade impresses a strange three-dimensional feeling and a heavy feeling through the day light passes through the block to the deep shade of lacquer. In the evening, lacquer starts to change from candy color to orange light wall due to back lighting. This is a new facade that integrated Ginza Brick structure at the time of Taya's establishment and Showa's lacquer exterior, and will express the attitude of driving the history of Ginza as a long-established brand to the future.

Interior like gift packing

Finishing with wall mesh and ceiling finishing material using a loom dobby device with a patterned wire mesh. Like Taya's high-density multi-tie necktie fabric, it is a wire mesh with rich expression and beautiful patterns combined by weaving. Ceiling Dobby The light from the base lighting at the top of the wire mesh, the space of 10 cm between the furniture and the wall, the light of indirect lighting installed there, the light overflowed from the dobby wire mesh, like the soft light gate I wrap it like a gift wrapping from the whole body.

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Village Villa

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Aray architecture

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