Become a village and live on a plateau



The site is on the hill where you can see Kagoshima city area and Sakurajima. The title Taos is from the ancient village "Taos Pueblo" in New Mexico state in the USA. Taos is a word meaning "our village", but I am learning from Pueblo and aiming for a way of living together with the land of the land. It is a large site with a superb view in front, rather than having one big building facing the landscape, it is arranged in a tower for each room so as to surround the margin. Although it is a group made up of multiple buildings, it has a variation in the size, height, and arrangement so that it looks like a single village. The margin creates a connection with the surrounding environment and a lively life like a settlement living in the landscape goes beyond the premises.

Title of the work

Taos Kagoshima

Site Area

489.22 m2


Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken


Building Area

179.00 m2

Main use

Private housing

Total Floor Area

260.50 m2

Scale / structure

Masonry 2 stories

Maximum Height

6.8 m

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