Naito Memorial Hall

Stereoscopic garden



Proposal for renovation of historical folk museum in Nobeoka city, Miyazaki prefecture. 
It is a historical folk museum of a three-dimensional migrant garden that blends into the Japanese garden and creates a landscape that is unified with Shiroyama Park. It is an experienced museum which inherits the scenery of the Nobeoka castle trace of the characteristics of the Japanese garden style which the goat erupted in the Naito family home, and simultaneously travels over the existing Japanese garden and the surrounding landscape in the process of visiting the exhibition. The whole building is a garden, creating an experience like a castle park.

Title of the work

Naito Memorial Hall Re-maintenance Building Basic Design Business Proposal

Building area

8820 m2


Nobeoka City Miyazaki


Total floor area

3981 m2

Main use


Maximum height

13.5 m

Scale / structure

3 storeys in RC construction