The characteristic of this salon is that it consists mainly of a private room where guests can entertain us privately. 

In order to eliminate the problem of closing property and the pressure of the wall which is a problem of that private room, we made the circle as a unit of a private room and made the whole as a seamless continuous space. 

Furthermore, due to work collaboration among the staff, by setting the wall height of the cut space to 1.4 m, it becomes a large space for a sitting customer for a single room, for a standing staff. In addition, the wall height of the circle other than the cut space varies depending on the slope, and the function and meaning of the top board change unlike the individual room such as the reception desk, waiting bench, counter, display board and so on. The floor and the wall of the circle were painted with a gradation paint of a very thin color close to white. 

Through the movement between each circle, people find relative delicate colors that surround themselves for the first time. I thought that such delicacy would give the beauty salon a distinctive and gentle quality.

Title of the work

Lotus Beauty Salon

Building area

330.7 m 2


Kuwana city, Mie prefecture

Total floor area

626.4 m 2

Main use

Beauty salon

Maximum height

4.1 m

Scale / structure

S structure SRC construction / 1st floor above ground · 1st basement


ARAY Architecture

Site area

763.6 m 2


Kanpaku construction store