A new 'environment-friendly' where roofs of flowing flow are formed



It is a house that stands on top of the green hills of Kawasaki city. Because it is the hill from which one head appears more than any building in the surroundings, the couple in their thirties wish for an open living. I am aiming for a space that wraps halfway and opens halfway so that I can live close to the environment. It is one style of Japanese shrine building that is newly adopted in the housing of contemporary architecture. Bridge from the roof to the eaves so as to flow through a climbing beam that is 7 m in length. Rather than laying down the eaves deeply, not creating a place for the borrowed land that cut out the nature, rather it will raise the eaves to the south and erase it into the landscape. Furthermore, the ceiling extending to the north side is also erased from the top light to the sky. Wind flow, light flow, flow of vision, creating a flow of life (scene). 
  Since the ceiling height and the depth of the eaves change according to whereabouts and the direction of the line of sight, the boundary between the inside and the outside becomes fluid and the various places are evoked in response to the cross section of the environment. The roof of this flow creates "between the environment" under the sky, while gently sticking to the body to put a parasol. 


Title of the work

House in Kawasaki

Site area

203.17 m2


Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Building Area

79.00 m2

Main use

Private housing

Total Floor Area

110.25 m2

Scale / structure

Steel frame 2 stories

Maximum Height

6.3 m