colorful small rooms are packed like jewelry boxes.



  It is a gallery for paintings to be built in Karuizawa. First, using the local Shinshu Karamatsu, I wanted to build a feminine and delicate 21st century log house like Karuizawa. 

 Since it was a condition to be able to exhibit paintings in various situations, each small room is crowded with various finishes. However, if the number of rooms increases too much on a site that is not wide, the cramped impression given by the wall thickness itself will increase. The only thing I came up with was the phenomenal wall structure of only 3 cm in thickness, which combined with the structure and finishing just standing up the laminated wood of the pine wood. In a very simple tree structure space, colorful small rooms are packed like jewelry boxes.

Title of the work

Gallery Sakura no ki

Building area

126.0 m 2


Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture

Total floor area

148.6 m 2

Main use

A gallery

Maximum height

5.3 m

Scale / structure

Wooden (laminated wood 30 mm panel special construction method) / ground 1st floor


NAP architectural design office (in charge of staff registration)

Site area

268.5 m 2


Maruyama Construction Store