we aim to CREATE a ceiling space that extends beyonD WHAT WE CAN CONCEIVE.



  In this hairdresser's shop the ceiling is coincident with the plane and can not be seen. Utilizing the superiority of the location facing the entrance of the large shopping center (CS), while incorporating customers' access to CS into the store, we aim to be a ceiling space that extends beyond the lease line (plane) It was. 

  For structural columns which are inevitable in interior decoration of CS, construction column which is amplified by double span is set up and it is configured to swing obliquely from the axis of structural column. And by pasting a mirror on the upper part of the triangular prism on both wall surfaces, the ceiling space extends and continues to spread for tens of meters from the customer's oblique line of sight. A translucent resin sheet is wrapped around three columns like a drape curtain between the pillars where this line of sight intersects. From the ceiling on this drape, 50 circular fluorescent lamps are installed as general lighting. 

  By absorbing and diffusing this illuminance, the draped ceiling spreads freely in the direction of looking, with its whole dimension like bright cloudy, bright and fluffy, in another dimension from its original beauty space.

Title of the work

Float Beauty Salon

Compartment floor area

187.14 m 2


Suzuka-shi, Mie Prefecture


ARAY Architecture

Main use

Hairdresser / Nail salon


Senba Co., Ltd.

Scale / structure

Interior of shopping center