Monument of Shin Yachiro station




A new large scale Kyushu Shinkansen station was built in a horizontally spread rural landscape. It is a small monument for the square square in front of the station. 

This monument is a monument to be put in by a person of a form like a normal building like a wall and a roof. Therefore, when looking from a distance, it looks like one of the houses scattered in the countryside, but when approaching to the position where countless holes opened in the wall and the roof are recognized, the expression changes completely . 

Its wall and roof are made of GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), and the thickness of the wall is extremely thin compared to ordinary reinforced concrete. It is like an impression that a kind of light work made of lace-shaped paper is placed. Inside, the sunlight falls from the hole, wrapped in lightness which is almost the same as surrounding plaza though it is surrounded.

Title of the work

Monument of Shin Yachiro station

Building area

41.3 m 2


Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Total floor area

41.3 m 2

Main use

Station square square monument

Maximum height

6.3 m

Scale / structure

GRC construction / ground floor 1


Kumiko Kumiko Architectural Design Office (in charge of staff)

Site area



Yonemoto Construction Store