Everyone's Living Room



Rebuilt the existing library in Iwata-shi, Shizuoka prefecture, proposal proposal aiming for a new child-rearing place where parenting support center and children's library merged. 

With the waist wall of a curved surface of 0.9 m in height of about 3 book shelves, the rooms are connected each other while surrounding the room, with the column span of the existing building as RC noodle column span as one unit. The waist wall becomes a bookshelf, it becomes a counter, a table, a sofa, it becomes various uses. With a little child's eyes, there is a sense of excitement that various rooms with interior decoration develop, which is unbelievable each time walking, unable to see the depth. On the other hand, in the adult's eyes, it is a one-room with a feeling of openness that allows you to see the back of the room and to make it easy for children to manage. If you stand, you can see the whole thing, if you sit down, adults also hide or surround the space like "now (living room)" is dotted. 

It is a new children library that integrates a system of raising children and a space that creates various connections like "everyone's living room".

Title of the work

Proposal proposal business planning basic ideas for children's libraries

Building area


Iwata city, Shizuoka prefecture


Total floor area

1927 m2

Main use


Maximum height


Scale / structure

RC construction 2 stories