Tile roofing sunlight through the roof



  It is a community center for the emerging residential area, with the development of land subsidiary projects surrounded by forests and tea fields. 

  In order to make it a building that is loved by the people of the community, rather than specifying the function of the room, it is to keep people 's way of gathering free. The various gathering methods are created by a roof which is evoked under various conditions of light by a roof which is roofed with roof tiles and glass tiles. Under the triangle roof, the sun altitude, the location of the room, the angle of the roof, the weather of the day etc, the state of the light inside will change. Then, this roof is a triangular roof that wraps people in overflowing light and shadows like the sunlight through the trees, and arouses various gathering methods and activities to people under the opening feeling.

Title of the work

K community center

Building area



Western Shizuoka Prefecture

Total floor area


Main use

Community Facilities

Maximum height


Scale / structure

Steel frame / ground floor 2


ARAY Architecture



Site area

1102.4 m 2