1. Planning, designing and supervision of architecture
  Residential buildings (individual houses, two-family houses, combined housing homes, villas, collective houses, etc.) 
   Commercial facilities (shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.) 
   Cultural facilities (galleries, museums, halls · Church etc.) 
   Educational facility (various schools · kindergartens · study schools etc.) 
   Welfare facilities (hospitals · clinics · senior citizens · nursery schools etc.) 
   Production facilities (factories · warehouses etc.) 
2. Interior planning · design · supervision
  Housing · Interior finish, remodeling, renovation of above-mentioned various facilities
3. Survey and planning of regional environment Planned area / district plan (survey · comprehensive plan · basic concept · basic plan etc) 
4. Land use plan for building
5. Furniture · lighting · sign Etc
6. Publishing work related to construction
7. All the work incidental to the preceding paragraphs


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