about us


We are planning, designing and supervising buildings, interiors, etc. throughout the country based in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Under our own style of "empowering architecture" which emerges newly the hidden charm of the region and the environment, we will
dialogue with the client and make unique value for each request. 




Architect/ Founder

My young childhood playground is an architectural office with plans and various tools that my father runs, and I am an architect since I was an elementary school student. After completing the master course of Tokyo University of Science degree science and engineering course, established ARAY Architecture 2009 after passing Kumiko Kumiko architectural design office, Takushi Nakamura & NAP architectural design office. We plan, design, and supervise constructions and interiors of various parts of the country based in Tokyo. In 2013, the eco house "SHIRASU" which reuses Kagoshima underground resource · Shirasu responds to the request of the owner who wishes ecological living gets a lot of evaluation. We continue researching and practicing architecture that creates new connections with the environment under our own style of "empowering architecture" that makes people feel new and hidden charm of areas and environments . 

Actually, at the dry office that was at the time, the work continued till late night every day, I can not keep up with the high demand and speed, I experience setbacks. Making the most of that experience, I moved to the office of Mr. Takushi Nakamura as "I will do my best to become an office power with full power" and serve as design manager, lotus beauty salon, necklesshouse, gallery cherry tree, stratum of the house , Japanese buffalo Ichino Itchi Itchi and so on. With challenging and realizing unique materials and construction methods in various regions, no matter what form, material or structure you request for newness, if you can not discover the essence of the region / environment, long-worthy buildings I realize I was not born.

In addition to the Good Design Awards, many of the awards include Housing Environment Design Award Grand Prix, Architectural Institute of Japan Architecture Kyushu Prize JIA Special Award, World Architecture Community Awards 17th. Interviewed from a large number of media ranging from newspapers, magazines, and webs to ten countries both in Japan and overseas. TED Lecture at Kagoshima University, PechaKucha Night etc (You can listen on YouTube). 

Currently it runs around various regions throughout the country, including houses, commercial environment design, renovation, elderly welfare facilities. 
The goal is to create a 'building that is felt like' that makes you feel happy with familiar areas and environments that have been overlooked. 

My hobby is classic. 
Classical music flows throughout the office in the office. 


  1977 Born in Shizuoka prefecture

  2002 Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science graduate studies master's course Kawakubo Laboratory

  2003 Kumiko Kumiko Architectural Design Office

  2004 ~2008 Nakamura Hiroshi & NAP Architectural Design Office Director

  2009 ARAY Architecture founded

  2015 Part-time lecturer, Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of Science


  2009 Ginza Taya Renewal Open Competition Excellence Award
  2009 JIA Shizuoka Hosted Church Design Competition Excellence Award
  2010 JCD Design Award 2010 BEST 100 
  2013 Architectural Finishing Materials Technology / Design Competition 2013 Best Award 
  2014 Housing Environment Design · Award 2014 Grand Prix
  2014 Good Design Award 2014 Good Design Award 
  2014 Japan Architectural Institute Work Selection 2015 Winning
  2014 World Architecture Community Awards 20 + 10 + X 17th Cycle, Winner 
  2015 Architectural Institute of Japan Architecture Kyushu Award (Work Award) JIA Special Award
  2015 Building Research Institute Housing Building Recognition Community Housing Prize Regional Housing Encouragement Award
  2015 13th Environmental and Facilities Design Award
  2015 Japanese Architectural Institute Work Selection Newcomer Award
  2015 Da Secret Building Award Encouragement Award
  2015 JIA Excellent Building Election 100
  2015 16 JIA Environmental Architecture Prize
  2017 7th Sustainable Housing Award Better Living President Award (Excellence Award)


   Japan Architectural Institute Regular member
   Tokyo Architects Association Full Members
   General Association of Regional Materials Utilization Association


   2011.03.26 - 03.30 Japan Architects Association Shizuoka Hosted by Architects Exhibition in Hamamatsu
   2014.03.20 - 04.01 Living Environment Design Award 2014 Awards Exhibition
   2014.10 . 01 - 11.04 Good Design Award Winning Exhibition [G Exhibition] 
   2016.05.28 - 11.27 International Exhibition of the Venice Biennale International Exhibition 2016 Exhibition "There and Now: the Japanese Housing Scene" in Venice
   2017.04.13 - 04.19 Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition 2016 Exhibition returning to the planning exhibition "Now, the landscape of the residence" in Osaka

Lecture · Symposium

   2009.02.10 TWBC 2009 "About lotus beatury salon" @ Tokyo Big site
   2013.09.20 Pecha Kucha Night Kagoshima "About SHIRASU" @ Kagoshima Maruya Gardens
   2014.02.17 Housing Environment Design / Award 2014 Symposium @ Shinjuku Living Design Center OZONE Park Tower Hall
   2014.07.06 TEDxKagoshimaUniversity "criteria of comfort is changed" @ Kagoshima University
   2016.02.01 Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Design Department of Architecture Graduation design review review Guest judge
   2017.04.10 Gallery Talk Event "Time and words surrounding 10 houses" @ ASJ Osaka